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Ohrid&Prespa2Go This is a place where you can find out everything about
the two largest natural lakes in North Macedonia (Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa)
and the region around them.
Activities for everyone Natural beauty, archaeological sites, sports and adventure activities,
gastronomic pleasures, entertainment, and nightlife...
Accomodation Ohrid, Struga and Prespa want to welcome you in the best possible way,
so that you can have the best time possible!


Travel through time and find out the history on the spot.


Lake adrenaline has a special definition. Discover it!


Taste the destinations through local traditional specialties.


Souvenirs, handicrafts, works of art by local painters…


The night can begin. The fun can continue.

Do not miss the main events

Choose a day, area of interest and destination to discover the events you can visit while staying by the beautiful lakes.
The Ohrid & Prespa2Go project aims to connect tourists who want to visit or have already come to the beautiful natural lakes in Macedonia and all large or small businesses or craftsmen who offer tourism and catering services and products.


The oldest lake in Europe

The oldest lake in Europe with magnificent natural beauty, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as part of the protected “Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ohrid Region”.


Real national treasure

The lake is located between two national parks, and it hides the island of Golem Grad – a real nature reserve and archaeological paradise.

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