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Located in the Prespa Valley, surrounded by the mountains Baba, Galichica, Plakenska, Bigla and Gorbach, Lake Prespa actually consists of two lakes: Great Prespa Lake (which is located on the border between the Republic of North Macedonia, Greece and Albania) and Small Prespa Lake (within the borders of Greece and Albania).
Apart from being one of the cleanest lakes in Europe, for six months every year it is home to pelicans, accompanied by cormorants, swans, and about a hundred other species of birds.

Lake located between two national parks

Around the lake are the protected national parks Pelister and Galichica, as well as the nature park Ezerani, which also includes a part of the lake. It is rich in fish, and Prespa carp and the Prespa bleak (nivichka) are especially famous.

A lake that hides the island of Golem Grad

A real natural rarity is the island of Golem Grad – with an area of only one square kilometre, full of lush forest vegetation, in which the most numerous are the trees of the endemic species Juniperus excelsa (Greek juniper) and Juniperus foetidissima (foetid juniper). The semi-dry stems of the juniper, today more than a thousand years old, were once used to make boats. Among the people the island is also known as Snake Island, due to the abundance of water snakes, but also the venomous horned viper
found on its surface.

The island keeps the remains of the medieval church of St. Peter with significant fresco-painting compositions, as well as the early Christian basilica from the beginning of the last millennium. It is a real attraction for adventure lovers, who can reach it by boat.

A real nature reserve and archeological paradise.

With its untouched sandy beaches, Lake Prespa will offer you all its beauty, packed in peace away from the tourist events and crowds.

Its picturesque nature rewards tourists who will honour it with their
presence and attention.

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